In response to requests and curiosity regarding the music that we use in the show, we have created this page as a guide for those who may be looking for the cd's. The list below is of the tracks that we are currently using in the show. Many, many thanks to the artists and producers for their music & inspiration, we hope that this guide will help people find your music. CD covers and info are displayed next to performance descriptions. There are also further titles listed on the "movies" page, for the music that can be heard on the movie clips. Most titles are available to preview and / or order from online record store psyshop, click on the logo directly below to visit. Once there, you can run a search for an album title.




Track- The 6th Revelation
By - Shpongle
From the CD- The Mystery of the 13 Crystal Skulls
Released by- Tip World

Track- Revelation 4
By - Asterix
From the CD- The Secret of the 13 Crystal Skulls
Released by- Tip World


Track- Ecstacy
By - 1200 mics
From the CD- Goa 2
Released by- Yellow Sunshine Explosion.


Track- Invisible Landscapes
By - Entheogenic -
From the CD- Spontaneous Illumination
Released by- C.O.R.N.

Track- Around the World in a Tea Daze
By - Shpongle
From the CD- Tales of the Inexpressible
Released by- Twisted Records.


Track- Ambrosia
By - Morphem (Son Kite remix)
From the CD- Ambrosia Remixes
Released by- Zillion Mental Anarchic.


Track- In Tune
By - The Zorba
From the CD- Zorba
Released by- Shaffel Records.

Track- Cycles of  Life
By - Transwave
From the CD- Trancentral Four A Trip to Goa
Released by- Kickin Records