Please find listed below the technical specifications for the flaming butterflies show. There are some requirements listed for the show, these requirements are necessary for the safety of our audience and the quality of our performance. If you have any questions about our requirements or if you are unsure about anything written below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Technical Specifications & Requirements - The Flaming Butterflies - Fire & Pyrotechnic Performance

- 20 minutes with fire and sparklers, 22 minutes with fire, sparklers & pyrotechnics. Preparation requires1 hour.

- If performing outdoors, the minimum size of the stage area that the artists can perform within must be no less than 5m by 5m, firm and level with a clear safety area of 5m all the way round from the edge of this stage performance area. The total being 15m by 15m. Please note that this is the artists safety zone and does not include room for the audience. More space may be required if the artists are to use pyrotechnics and will require consultation.
- If performing indoors the space dimensions are the same as for outdoors, the area must be well ventilated or big and airy. It is suggested that smoke alarms and sprinklers be turned OFF for the duration of the performance.

- The performance area must be free of any explosive or flammable materials, please check that any curtains and drapes are fire retardant as per industry standard.
- If musical instruments, equipment or anything else is left on stage within the artists performance space, the artists do not wish to be held responsible for any damage that may occur to the equipment.
- There may be a *very thin* residue of fuel left on the stage surface within the artists performance space. If the surface is *very smooth*  it may be left slippery and could be hazardous for others to walk on after the show so may need to be cleaned, a good alternative is to roll out some carpet for the show and then roll it up again afterwards, we will supply this if necessary and if possible.
- The artists can saftely perform on most surfaces excluding, smooth rubber, plastic and some synthetic carpets.
- The spark spray performance as captured on the photo catherinewheel.jpg (bottom of Joe's gallery) is not included in the artists performance unless there is a total clear space of  30m by 30m.
- The 20 minute fire performance with sparkler finale is available anywhere and everywhere, the extra 2 minute pyrotechnic finale is subject to the availability of materials suitable for the proposed venue.

– Not required for actual performance space *at all* but soft lighting can be used for prelude, in between routines ( the short times where there is no fire happening ) and final recognition. The Flaming Butterflies only perform at night or in dark conditions as bright conditions severely diminish the desired effect of the performance. In our experience, the darker the environment, the more effective the show is.

– Sound system required. The artists reccomend 1000 watts per 100 spectators. Music is supplied by the artists on CD, unless agreed otherwise. Sound system can be supplied by the artists upon request.
- In regards to sound spill, the artists do not wish to interfere with other acts or be interfered with by other acts so therefore ask to not be programmed close to other acts or amplified music at the same time.

Material Requirements
– Fuels and pyrotechnics are sourced and provided by the artists *except* in the case that they will be flying in where these materials cannot be taken on board any flight, please consult with the artists if they are arriving by plane.

Insurance and Permits
- The artists have £2,000,000 worth of performers worldwide (except USA & Canada) public liability insurance for the use of fire and theatrical pyrotechnics.
- The artists are both holders of  theatrical pyrotechnics operators permits. Any other local permits necessary will be the resposibility of the hirer unless the artists agree otherwise.